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Our Business

What started as an idea among relatives ultimately progressed into what we have now.  Cheddar Wheel is a company that was founded by the son of Restaurant owner/ manager who has been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years.  You can say food is in our nature. We specialize in using fresh and unique ingredients and intertwining them with items that normally wouldn't have any connection.  We incorporate numerous ingredients, from traditional to casual flavors.  If it tastes good why not put it in a Quesadilla!




These are not your ordinary quesadillas!  From the buffalo chicken quesadilla to our fan favorite chimichurri quesadilla, these hand crafted items will want you coming back for more.  Oh and our manchego cheese nachos are truly something to try.  Our manchego cheese nacho sauce is rich, flavorful, and ready to be poured over the nachos of your choice! Lets Eat!!!!!

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